How to survive Magic Kingdom with an infant… Yes, it CAN be done!

So we all know Florida is known for its heat, sunshine (we are the sunshine state and all), rain and DISNEY!  I am lucky enough to have a Grandmother who retired from there after 21 years of service and as a result, we get free Disney passes for the family.  Despite that fact that I have been going to Disney since I was a little kid, I never understood how much actually goes into traveling to Disney with an infant in tow!  After deciding to take Abigail this past weekend… I decided it might be a good idea for me to create a survival guide for those of you ready to accept the challenge…  And those of you who can afford the ridiculous prices!


What to bring:

  • SUNSCREEN– I literally cannot emphasize this enough considering the Florida sun is downright brutal, especially in the summer!
  • Fan/ Cooling rag– More specifically the fans that clip onto the stroller! This is one thing we actually didn’t have with us, however we did have one of those fans that you hold and spray water…  Also works great.  We also had the cooling neck rag and that was a life saver, we actually dunked it in their carts they sell water out of since it was literally ICE COLD!
  • Several outfits (including a bathing suit)- Odds are, kiddo is going to get hot and sticky so a mid-day change works wonders! Also, since there is a splash pad towards the back of the park in ToonTown (Storybook) it’s a great opportunity for them to cool off.
  • Camera- You WILL take hundreds of pictures, and rightfully so!
  • Your army- If you know me pretty well, you know that my family and I essentially do everything together, especially Disney trips! This is a HUGE benefit when a baby gets involved, more hands to hold her, feed her and entertain J
  • Breast pump- If you are a pumping mom like me this is a MUST! I did not take advantage of it, however I heard they offer a service for you to store your pump so you do not have to bring it throughout the park.
    • Cooler- This mainly to be able to store the milk you do pump along with the bottles you may bring of breast milk for little one.
  • Baby carrier or stroller– They do have strollers for rent if your little one is old enough to comfortably enjoy the hard as a rock rides. With mine only being 6 months, being able to wear her was great when it came time for naps and she couldn’t settle with everything going on around her!


What can baby ride:

  • People Mover
  • It’s a Small World
  • Dumbo
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Train


*As you can tell by the smile…  Dumbo was a hit!*

How to get there–  Since Magic Kingdom is pretty much surrounded by water…  There are is a stop at Ticket transportation you have to make before getting to the actual park.

  • Getting to the parking lot
    • Car– You can drive your own vehicle to park in the parking lot and depending on what package/tickets you have purchased, you may risk paying to park ($20 for regular parking and $40 for preferred).
    • Bus– You can hop a bus from any resort on property or catch one from another park/ Disney Springs
    • Monorail– Very few hotels actually have the monorail as an option for you to take it directly to Magic Kingdom (Polynesian and Contemporary).

Once you get to ticket transportation you only have two options to getting to the park:

  • Ferry boat– I believe this is the fastest and by far easiest when traveling with a stroller considering you don’t have to break it down to get on.


  • Monorail– When there is no line (good luck), this is in A/C which is one benefit and failry quick, however you do have to break the strollers down when crowded to fit.
    • Also, when alone in the monorail after a LONG, hot day…  Adults loose their minds!!!  Not pictured, my grandmother also on the pole!  LOL



Nursing/ Pumping at Magic Kingdom

There is a wonderful little area, pretty much mid-way down Main Street, on the left hand side, right by the first aide room that is called “Baby Care Center”.  This facility has everything from a changing room, NURSING/ PUMPING room as well as a kitchen area equip with free to use bottle warmers and a sink to clean your equipment.

Quite frankly…  You can nurse where ever the heck you want momma!  But for those moms like me who just aren’t comfortable enough doing that yet…  This place is great.  There are big comfy chairs and the lights are dim and the room is quiet, perfect if your little one needs that environment to be able to nurse.


  • If you aren’t one for crowds… Leave BEFORE the firework show begins, unless this is something you really wanted to see.  The crowds can get ridiculous, it is at the end of the day and patience is run thin!
  • DO NOT leave anything valuable in your strollers!!!!!!! My grandmother used to tell me stories of women walking off with someone else’s strollers just because they liked theirs better!  Personally, we have a lock for our stroller that we always use every time we park it… Apparently cast members don’t like that because they are not able to move and resituate your stroller, owell!
  • Make use of the Train that goes from the front of the park on Main Street, to Splash Mountain and Thunder road area, to ToonTown at the back of the park. (You will have to collapse your strollers)
  • Although I suggest bringing your own camera(or even phone)…  Disney has SEVERAL cast members who are photographers waiting to take your pictures all throughout the park!  You simply hand them your card, or you can get one from them, smile for the camera and the pictures are put onto that card and at the end of your trip you can purchase these images!
    • Memory maker – If you plan on being at Disney(as a whole) for more than one day, purchasing this in advance will save you $30).  However if you are only visiting a park for one day…  You actually have the option to purchase all of the pictures taken for that day ONLY!  This is not an advertised option so when you select one of the taken photos to view, you will see an option to purchase photos taken from the day for $50- I already purchased my photos so I can’t include the link to show you, sorry!

9 thoughts on “How to survive Magic Kingdom with an infant… Yes, it CAN be done!

  1. Great tips and I’m always thrilled about nursing rooms being available! My littlest is 5 months old, but it will be a few years before we make the trip (goal is 2020!). When would you say is the best time of year to go?!


    • Awesome goal!!! :). We have always found their off season to be September( kids back in school)and some of October, then it’ll pick up due to Mickey’s not so scary and Very Merry Christmas. And January- April is pretty good due to kids also still being in school! Avoid major holidays and spring break(March)! Hope this helps:)


  2. haha from the pictures, I think the adults enjoyed it as much as the little one! I did Disney HK with a toddler and sister and it was, ahem fun! – This year as they are bigger we went to Legoland in Denmark followed by another theme park – the kids had so much fun!!


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