Why my Bachelors Degree wasn’t just for me…

When I graduated High school in 2010, I walked with a 3.78 GPA, Magnum Cumlaude and had high hopes of being a Pharmacist.


* Secret:  I applied to The University of Central Florida and didn’t get in, even with a 3.8 GPA, 5 sports and 3 clubs…  I am a HORRIBLE test taker and scored low on the ACT and SAT*


Why being a Pharmacist just wasn’t going to work out…

I have a passion for the Medical field which is why I wanted to be a Pharmacist for several years, until I worked retail as a Technician, took Chemistry, Calculus and Biology…  As a kid I was (and still am) awful at math, hate Chemistry and don’t enjoy the concept of biology.  I quickly found out that these were the most important pre-requisite classes to be able to get into any Pharmacy School, on top of that I had to have at least a 3.5 GPA to be competitive.  So it was just like that, with the failing of Chemistry for the second time, Calculus for the third time and more discouraged than ever, I decided becoming a Pharmacist was NOT for me!

I recently (August 7th) completed my LAST CLASS ever at Daytona State College for my Bachelor’s in Supervision and Management.  Confession…  I honestly had no idea what the exact title of my degree was until I went to update my resume a week ago, I knew I was getting my Bachelor’s and I knew I couldn’t wait to be done!  But I honestly don’t feel like the reason I got my degree was for me.


When a 4-year degree turns into 7 years

As the years went on, my now husband and I’s relationship grew stronger and stronger, we moved out of my parents’ house, rented our own house at 20 (that we now own!) and I soon realized that my top priority was starting a family.  There was nothing that I wanted more than to marry my high school sweet heart and start our own little family.

Well by the time my 4 years of being enrolled in school came around, I was only about half way done and just realized I DID NOT want to be a Pharmacist.  I’ve been told over and over at this point that had I not of moved out so quickly (I was 20 years old and proud of it!) I would have been done with school by now and not having to work a full time job (Also proud of that!).

10399812_1162596797869_7999421_n  Deltona High School 2010

2015 came and I was officially enrolled in the Bachelors of Business program and I also just happened to get ENGAGED and now planning a wedding…  on top of taking online classes!  The wedding was in March of 2016 and a month after that we were now PREGNANT and planning for Abigail!  I was down to two classes a semester and slowly but surely tackling my required classes.


When my degree no longer became just for me

Once we knew Abigail was on the way, me completing this degree no longer felt like I was doing it or myself.  I now had a reason to finish other than to put on my resume “I have my Bachelor’s Degree”, I now had something to prove to Abigail;

  1. Once you start something you don’t quit!
  2. Your Mommy and Daddy persevered through several life changes and still completed their degrees (Daddy is almost done with his!!).
  3. You are on no schedule to complete your degree and don’t feel bad if it takes you longer than the “norm”, there is no norm!
  4. You will likely change your major and it’s OK if that sets you back!!!!
  5. You are viewed with a whole different level of respect and intelligence when you have a College Degree.

Abigail, Your Mommy and Daddy love you so much and want nothing but the best for you, to see you succeed and be an independent young woman.  This one’s for you baby girl!


P.S. I would be walking for Graduation but DSC only offers it in MAY…  So I have to wait almost an entire year to get that cap and gown picture with my baby girl!

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