My birth story (Part 1 of 4): Abigail Remi Kline January 11th, 2017.

The night before

It was the night of January 10th, 2017 that your mommy was beginning to feel some pressure and what she thought could possibly be contractions.  They say that right before you deliver, you begin to “nest”, and I did just that.  After I got home from work, I managed to cook your daddy and I dinner, prepare a dinner for the following night, make brownies and clean the house!  That is an awful lot for a 9-month pregnant woman to do!  Your daddy even swears he was nesting that day as well; at the time, he was working at AutoZone, there they have a whole back space of batteries and supplies which haven’t been cleaned out in years.  Well, all that changed the day before you were born, your daddy got that entire store cleaned, just like mommy did the house!  That night I began to realize what I was feeling were indeed contractions.  I was unable to sleep, not in pain just simply uncomfortable.


The Morning of

It was about 5:30 in the morning on January 11th when mommy started to time the contractions she believed she was feeling.  They were sometimes 6-7 minutes apart and other times longer, this lasted for a few hours.  Then as time got closer for Daddy to leave for work they were between 5-6 minutes apart.


I felt great, so I told daddy to go to work, I would keep him posted.  I called your God Mother, Kristie to let her know that I thought I might be going into labor soon!  She had agreed to be in the room with your daddy and I while I gave birth since I wanted pictures to document the special day.  After your Daddy went off to work I made sure I got up and got ready just in case, I straightened my hair and put on some make up.  It wasn’t until about 8:30 when I was making the bed that I had felt a trickling of water leak, almost as if I had peed myself.  I quickly realized it is possible my water had broken, although I was slightly confused because you always hear the water breaking being described as a “pop” or “gush of water” being released.  Your Pawpaw just happened to come over about 15 minutes after this had happened, I told him I thought my water had broken (he was Extremely excited!!) but did not want your Daddy and have him leave work for a false alarm.  We decided to call Dr. White, the OB and see what he thought I should do, however since they were not open yet, I had to wait for the answering service receptionist to get the message to him.  Within 5 minutes I received his phone call instructing me to go straight to the hospital!  So I immediately called your daddy back and told him to hurry home it was time to go to the hospital (he has never gotten home so quick in his life!!!).

The trip to the Hospital!

I was so incredibly excited, I made sure I gathered our hospital bag, your folder with some important documents and mommy’s birth plan and most important; your car seat to bring you home in!  And it was just like that, that your mommy and daddy were waving bye to Pawpaw and Savannah, hoping to return with our sweet baby girl in tow!  On our way to the hospital, I could not help but keep rubbing my belly; knowing this was probably the last day I would spend with you inside, kicking around.  But that meant we were just one step closer to you entering this world and your daddy and I beginning our journey as parents.


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