My Birth Story (Part 4 of 4): Abigail Remi Kline January 11th, 2017.

Daddy’s little girl

Once you were born, Mommy knew it was important for you to have that special skin to skin time with her, allowing us to bond and help you with breast feeding.  But she also knew how important it was going to be for you to do the same with your Daddy, they say there is something about the Daddy’s heart beat that is beneficial and soothing for baby.  The amount of pride in his eyes as he sat in that chair with his shirt unbuttoned, holding his baby girl for the first time was simply priceless, the entire pregnancy, your Daddy could not wait to hold you and smother you with kisses!

Daddy's chest

From the moment you were born, your Daddy did not take his eyes off you!  Wherever you went or whoever took you, Daddy was right by your side making sure everything was ok!  You were eventually weighted, measured and had your oxygen levels checked after we had our bonding.  You weighed in at 7lbs 6 ounces, measured 19.5 inches long and had a perfect O2 score of 100%, an absolutely healthy and perfect baby!  One of the first things I heard out of what seemed like everyone’s mouths was how much you look JUST like your daddy!!  Daddy loved so much to hear this, he would beam with joy every time someone mentioned it, and for good reason!  However, Mommy could not believe that after 9 months of carrying you, 12 hours of Labor and all that pushing, you came out a spitting image of your Daddy (not in the slightest bit upset either)!!



Finally ready for your first visitors!

Since your Mommy did not get the epidural or any other type of pain medication, within an hour she was up and walking around, ready to eat, hold and snuggle you as if she did not just spend the last 12 hours laboring you!  It wasn’t until about 2 hours after having you that we were ready to have visitors, I felt those first two hours alone were entirely too important for your Daddy and I to worry about having to sharing you!  Once we were ready for visitors, your MeMaw, PawPaw and Kakky were anxiously waiting in the waiting room to meet their newest edition, and the first family members to come in!   You were their very first Grand and Great Granddaughter and they had been waiting all day to get their hands on you.  The amount of Joy and pride they all had in you was amazing, you see Mommy is an only child and Kakky’s only Grandchild; so I knew you would be VERY loved and spoiled!  Finally getting to see everyone’s faces when they met you for the first time was amazing, I could already see and feel the love.  You were their pride and joy before you were ever born Abigail, they would brag about your growth, show off your ultrasound pictures and talk about how much they were going to love and spoil you once you arrived!


Just Mommy, Daddy and Abigail

After all our visitors left and it was just us, the new Kline family…Party of 4 (counting Savannah), we honestly couldn’t believe you were all ours, that we created you and brought you into this world.  We spent the next two days being monitored in the hospital, making sure you were not jaundice, ensuring you passed the hearing test and your blood sugar was good.  Honestly Mommy was ready to go home the next morning she felt so great but at the time didn’t know you didn’t by law have to stay, so I can promise you with your future brother or sister we will be home next day if all goes well!


Headed Home!

It was the morning of January the 13th, we were finally given the ok to take our little bundle of joy home to meet her big sister, Savannah!  Your Daddy got everything packed up and loaded in the car, you were given your first sponge bath since birth and we put you in your adorable little going home dress…  And just like that we were finally home bound, no more beeping monitors, nurses checking in on us or people bugging us; just Abigail, Mommy, Daddy and Savannah.


Meeting your Big Sister Savannah!

Your big sister has been loving on you and anxiously waiting to meet you since you were in Mommy’s belly.  Mommy could lift her shirt up and tell Savannah to “give Abigail a kiss” and she would go right to my belly and give you a big slobbery, wet kiss (which she still does today).  I will never forget after we got you settled in your new home, we placed you in your bassinet to sleep and Savannah was so interested in you she just wanted to stare at you through the bassinet.  Your Pawpaw showed her that she was actually able to lift the cover on the bassinet, allowing her to see you through the side.  From them on she was glued to the side of your bassinet.

I am so excited to watch the two of you grow up together and you share your major milestones with her.  She will be with you for your first steps, first bike ride and first day of school.  More importantly, she will always be your best friend!

The End…

Your Mommy and Daddy love you so incredibly much Abigail Remi, you are everything we could have ever hoped and prayed for!  You have been such an amazing baby, so strong, smart, funny and a blast to raise.  I have enjoyed watching you grow both physically and mentally over the past months and I know that the best has yet to come!  We treasure every second we have with you and I can’t wait for all the years of adventures and memories to come!


Love Mommy, Daddy and Savannah

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