Why I am hoping Abigail’s first word will be “Dada”!

Now that Abigail is really beginning to babble and on the verge of her first words, one thing I have heard over and over is “are you trying to get her to say mama first”?!  Well honestly, no I am not…   I know this sounds crazy since every Mother wants their child’s first word to be Momma, considering we do so much for our kids.  But I am really hoping Abigail’s first word will be “Dada”.

Pictures just do not do justice to the amazing bond between Abigail and Joe, the way she looks at him when she hears his voice and how excited she gets when he comes home from work.  So, while it would be adorable to hear “Mama” come out first, I truly believe my husband hearing her say Dada for the first time will mean more to him than I could ever imagine.


My husband and I are High School Sweet hearts, we met in 2009 up on the track during try outs.  I knew early on that this boy was my true soul mate and I was going to marry him one day.  When you have been dating someone for so long and begin to think about marriage, the next thought that pops into your head is “do I want to have children with this man”? or “will he make a good father”?  I KNEW without a doubt Joe was going to make the best Father to our children (yes we want more than one), but when Abigail came along, I can honestly say he really surprised me.  Growing up, my husband was raised without his father ever being in the picture, so because of that he always said he’d make sure his son or daughter would never grow up not knowing how much their Daddy loves them.  And let me tell you what, this man does not skip a beat when it comes to kissing, loving, playing and just simply being there for her.


If you would have asked me prior to Abigail what I hoped my child’s first word would be, Mama or Dada I would have hands down said Mama!  Now, I can proudly say I have since changed my mind, I have grown as a woman and wife.  Realizing sometimes it’s the small things that mean the most to someone.  It is not a competition of whose name she will say first or a symbol of who she loves the most.  At the end of the day it is about that baby girl being the most loved and happy child by two parents who simply adore her.



P.S. How freaking obvious is it that she is 1000% a Daddy’s girl in the picture above!!!  LOL

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