Becoming a mom made me a proactive planner!

For those of you who knew me prior to my blogging, you are well aware of the fact that I was never one to prepare or plan for things.  I was a very “it is what it is” person who was pretty nonchalant  about everything but after having Abigail I feel like I did a 180.  I believe I am slowly becoming more organized( total work in progress), I meal prep for the family and Abigail and have a better concept of time.  I truly feel like I have adjusted and acclimated to Motherhood well, allowing myself to be the mother I had always hoped I could be for my children!

With Hurricane Irma fast approaching( hitting us later this evening), after I realized how much prep work and planning I had actually done, I finally realized this child put me into full momma bear protecting her cub mode.  I found myself creating a list of “to-do’s” before the hurricane and items to get( I would have Never done this before).  I would say a good 80% of that list was something for or related to Abigail whether that be food, batteries for her toys, milk storage bags for my breast milk or plenty of diapers and wipes!


This hurricane is WAY different for us than Matthew was last year, first and foremost we are now home owners; so anything that happens to this house is on us to fix.  Second, Abigail is now here and completely reliant on her Mommy and Daddy to keep her safe, last year she was still in my belly.  With Matthew we did little to no planning, this time around we are stocked up on food, water, WINE, batteries, flashlights and we have a generator( YAY I won’t have to manually pump)!


I decided to meal prep for the simple fact that we are very likely to loose power and won’t be able to cook…  My husband on the other hand has been cooking the most random(but yummy) foods since yesterday!  We had cinnamon rolls last night, pizza volcano( Pictured below…  semi Pinterest fail) bacon and pancakes this morning all before noon!  So while I cook to prepare, I learned Joe cooks because he is nervous!


All I know is we are completely prepared for this storm and enjoying every bit of power while we still have it and making the best of our extra time together!

All my Florida and Georgia friends stay safe y’all!!!

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