That moment I realized I was going to be the “mean” parent…

We all know there is a good cop and bad cop when it comes to parenting, one parent is more lenient than the other and gives in to that cute smile when they ask for something…  Well today I learned that was not going to be me, that would be Joe!

So, Joe is on vacation this week and therefore is keeping Abigail; mind you he has never really had her by himself for a full day so Mommy made sure she left him instructions (THREE pages worth lol), a diaper bag that was locked and loaded and PLENTY of her favorite fruits and veggies for breakfast and lunch (all healthy and organic).  Well…  Mommy gets a text around lunch time of baby girl in her car seat and at first I reply “Awe cute, I miss y’all”.  Then I see the McDonald’s French fry in her hand!!!!!!


I could have strangled him!  I spent all this time preparing containers of HEALTHY snacks and foods and he goes and gives her a greasy French fry.  But it was at this moment I realized, holy crap I am going to be that “mean” mom who tells her kid no so she will go ask Daddy and he will say yes!!!  Joe always joked with me while I was pregnant saying I was going to be the “mean” parent and I always laughed at him, but honestly I don’t care if I am or not.  Someone has to tell her no sometimes and discipline her, she has to know her boundaries.  Daren’t if I am going to be one of those parents who lets their child run around screaming and acting like everything is a playground while they are out in public.  I was not raised this way and I certainty will not have Abigail acting this way.  So call me the “mean” mom but at least I will be working towards having a child who eats well and is well behaved out in public, she will thank me later in life!

In hind sight, yes I totally over reacted, it was just one fry but when you spend an hour the night before making sure she has all her favorite, healthy snacks already prepared, a French fry is enough to make you mad haha!  So I am taking a mental note from all this and reminding myself that things in moderation are ok and things are going to happen that you just don’t have much control over and when it does happen, just let it ride!

Best advice I ever got from the most wonderful woman ever…  “Pick your battles”

Thanks Mom, XOXO

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