Why I am not sad my daughter is “growing up”!

As a mom, your greatest hopes and wishes for your child is that they grow up to be smart, healthy and happy individuals.   I emphasize on “grow up” because I often see posts on Facebook or Instagram with mom’s posting their child’s newborn photos saying how sad they are that they are growing up so fast or wish they would stay small forever…  Well, I recently learned I am NOT that mom!  Not that I am rushing my daughter growing up by any means, but I can not wait for her to be walking, talking and us be able to experience new adventures with her as a family.  I am excited to watch her grow up, learn new things every day, become more independent and watch her personality blossom.

It honestly feels like I just had Abigail yesterday, I cherish those moments her Daddy and I shared as new parents and the bonding I was able to experience with both of them.  And I can completely understand where mom’s are coming from when they say they miss their small babies, we all love snuggling new babies.  But as I was uploading our Disney pictures from yesterday, I couldn’t help but think back and compare Abigail’s first Disney trip to this most recent one.  Her first trip she was only about 9 weeks old, we mainly went for Mommy and Daddy to take pictures of her but it was still a special trip.  Then I look at the pictures from our weekend tip and she is now interacting with Mickey, smiling when she sees Minnie on a float during the parade and waving at people.  She was so much fun to watch and for us, that is what its all about.


Don’t get me wrong, I am in NO way bashing mom’s who just want time to freeze and their little ones be small for forever.  We are all on this motherhood journey together, there is no one perfect way to succeed nor is it a competition.  It is your journey with your child.  But I feel for me personally, if I were to be upset about the fact that she is growing up,  I feel like I would be failing her as her parent.  I want nothing more than to watch her grow, see her learn and show her the world and to do all this she needs to “grow up”.


2 thoughts on “Why I am not sad my daughter is “growing up”!

  1. Definitely a like mother like daughter moment here! I loved you during each phase of your life but watching you grow up and become a mother has been one of my favorites! I was never ashamed to say I loved seeing you grow older even thought it meant I was getting older. You enjoy each chapter in your child(ren)s life butif you’re living in the past you can’t see the full potential of the future and the joy it will bring as well.

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