Ready to loose that baby weight? Three fun ways to work out without going to the gym.

As many of you new Mom’s have probably discovered by now…  finding time to work out in between laundry, dishes, dinner and chasing down your little one is next to near impossible.  I have a membership to our local gym, as well as parents who are more than willing to watch her, but after working all day the last thing I want to do is leave her to go workout.  I am dying to loose every ounce of this “baby weight” so, I compromised and plan my workouts around bringing and involving her.


First up is my favorite (for obvious reasons if you know me), running:

            When I was about 25 weeks pregnant, I made it very clear to Joe that a jogging stroller was a MUST have for me…  Well we bought one that next day (pictured below lol)!

This is a super easy and quick way to get your cardio in for the day, throw a few puffs in the cup holders and your little one will be good to go for miles (I can usually get 3 out of mine).

With the jogger you aren’t just limited to running the sidewalks, we happen to live by our old High School and have permission from our old Track coach to use it any time we want.  If you don’t live by a track, your local park is another great option if you are not too fond of running the sidewalks/street.



Next is Roller Blading:

            This is hands down Abigail’s favorite because of how fast we go.  Just the other day she was yelling and waving at every mailbox we passed!  Now forewarning…  If you don’t have the best coordination or balancing skills, this is probably not the activity for you lol

And YES I do wear a helmet every single time!  You’re welcome Mom!


Last but not least is Bike Riding:

This is something we did with Abigail as early as 4 months old.  Yes, we are very aware that the recommended age is a year old.  However, we got crafty and decided to stick the car seat inside the carrier and zip her up, essentially making her safer anyways since she was strapped in.

Oh and whatever you do, don’t forget to zip them up with the clear cover after it rains otherwise you’ll come back with a dirty kid!  Haha

*Pull behind for the bicycle can be purchased at any sporting good store: Dick’s, Academy Sports even Walmart*!


Just because you have a kid does not mean you have to sacrifice your health!  Where there is a will there is a way and I never really gave this statement much thought until Abigail came along (Between pumping, school and exercising).  These are just three ways I have made it work for myself and our family, not to say there aren’t dozens of other effective ways to get your workouts in.

Best thing I can suggest is to find something you love, a workout you look forward to doing and someone who will support you and have fun with it along the way.  For me it’s my amazing Husband and childhood best friend Erika Rech, who also doubles as our photographer for every major life event!



You’ve got this momma!!!

2 thoughts on “Ready to loose that baby weight? Three fun ways to work out without going to the gym.

    • Thank you 😘. Hey it’s not easy for everyone! I’m still struggling! My goal is to get back to prebaby weight before we try for baby #2!
      The bike riding is great! And if you have other kids you can incorporate them if they are riding their own bike 👍🏼


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