Abigail’s Fairy ONEderland themed First Birthday party!

I’m not going to lie, I was totally that Mom who started thinking Birthday themes when their kid was only a couple months old!  I loved the idea of pink and gold, however I felt it was so overdone and I wanted something somewhat original…    So, I decided to combine my two favorite themes/ color schemes to have one freaking awesome Pink and gold meets Fairy ONEderland first birthday party!

Like every other Mom, I got most of my ideas off Pinterest!  Fairy Wonderland seemed to be a popular (and SUPER cute) theme but I figured changing it to “ONEderland” was appropriate and made it  unique!

The morning of her Birthday, I wanted to get the balloons in the crib shot.  I ordered a multipack of balloons and a banner (pink, gold and white and a 1 balloons) as well as a “Happy Birthday” banner that was pink and gold.  We actually used this banner and the “one” balloon Multiple times, her first birthday shoot, morning of and at her Birthday party, so we more than got our moneys worth.

I started with brainstorming ideas of decorations, food and supplies I would need and then created a list of foods that went along with the fairy theme; Moss Cupcakes, Fairy Fizz, Twigs (pretzels) and Forest Berries (strawberries and black berries).

I then had to figure out how I wanted the plates, napkins and utensils to look; pink and gold or woodsy.  Since my entire table set up was woodsy, we decided to go with pink and gold to counter act.  The utensils, straws and napkins were all actually found through Amazon (click each link to view my choices).  The “ONE” banner and ” Fairy ONEderland” banner were made by the incredibly talented Michelle Garcia who runs an Etsy store Www.etsy.com/shop/onceuponacrafterxo ( Go check her out, she can and will make anything)!!!

Next was tackling the look of our table.  Using tree cut outs from Michael’s, branches from my back yard (these party get expensive lol), individual flowers, flower arrangements we already had and 2 moss stips put together to serve as the table runner; I was able to get the perfect look!


I made good use of the only free wall we really have in the whole house and used it for both a backdrop for pictures and the gift table.  We wanted all our friends and family to still be able to experience her “cake smash”( I did a separate one with the studio set up) so we decided to have her just do a small cupcake at her party.  So we decorated the wall with single strands of Ivy, her “Happy Birthday” banner and Garland found at Michael’s which made for the perfect backdrop.  Paired with the “1” balloon (reduce, reuse, recycle…  Am i right!) it made for some easy and beautiful decorations.

For those of you who don’t know me too well, I am an only child!  So, Abigail will never grow up with any aunties or uncles from my side but she does NOT need to worry…  These three girls below (her Fairy God Mother’s…  Yes I asked them to dress up lol) MORE than make up for any lack of “aunties”!  Kristie, the one in the green skirt, is her actual God Mother and a proud one at that!


And finally my Absolute favorite part of the entire party planning was the amount of time and effort my Husband took into making Abigail the BEST “tree stump” birthday cake ever!!!  He watched hours of YouTube videos, made several tips to Michael’s for icing tips, butterflies and flowers and started a new birthday tradition.

*Also, the “ONE” banner that happens to match her “Fairy ONEderland” banner…  Also made by Michelle!


Below are just some of my FAVORITES from her FRIST BIRTHDAY, enjoy 🙂

FIRSTbirthday-5935party-0075FIRSTbirthday-5955party-153543FIRSTbirthday-5906Cake Smash-6404erikagracephoto_AbigailFirstBirthday(80of127)erikagracephoto_AbigailFirstBirthday(59of127)


*Note:  Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning at no cost to you, I will earn some commission for items that you click through and purchase*

12 thoughts on “Abigail’s Fairy ONEderland themed First Birthday party!

  1. okay what! i just posted my daughters 4th party and your party blows it out of the water ha! love all the decor and time you put into this friend! its simply gorgeous! happy sweet bday to your little lady!


  2. Oh my goodness how special and magical is this?!? I LOVE ALL of it! The cake is too cute, and the tablescape is beyond magical! And that cake…your husband did such a fantastic job! What a special birthday for you sweet babe!


  3. I was expecting to see an overboard of glitter from the title, but your theme blew me away! It so unique and well put together. I love the slightly rustic ascetics, and the cake was the cutest!!


  4. Sooo cute! All the details are one-derful (lol, sorry, couldn’t resist!). And I totally spent months planning and pinning my daughter’s first bday party (totally went with pink and gold also– such a sweet theme for lil princesses!). Lol, but now I’m 3 days away from my due date with lil princess #2, and not sure how themed my oldest’s bday party is gonna be in 6 weeks! 😉


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