Wedding Highlights and Anniversary Traditions for two High School Sweethearts!

This past Wednesday my husband and I celebrated our Two-year Wedding  Anniversary!  A little back story for y’all, we actually met in 2009 up on the Deltona High School Track where they were holding tryouts for the team.  To this day he can still tell me what I was wearing, and the fact that I had a knee brace on…  story of my life with knee problems!  We eventually both got to wear a number 21 jersey…  Hence the engaged on 11-21-14, married on 03-21-16 and both having the number 21 tattooed on us…

LONG story short, we found out we lived on the same street, he made a bet one meet that if he broke 5:00 minutes in the mile he would get a kiss…  WELL, here we are nine years later married with a beautiful baby girl, and yes he earned that kiss with a killer sub 5 mile!


A day I have been dreaming about for the last (at least) 5 years.  I wanted this day to be magical, full of love and joy, surrounded by our friends and family.


My Grandmothers were our Flower girls…  You want to make them feel special and give everyone a smile, include them in on this day, you won’t regret it!

flower girls

The first time my Daddy saw me…  Y’all I lost a contact from the tears!

first look

My Maid of Honor’s face when my husband stole her closing line (you can totally see her reaction in the video around the 12:30 mark with the split video)!!!  I’ll give you a hint:  It’s Carrie Underwood related HAHA


My Mom’s Best friend of 20 plus years married us!


My childhood best friend photographed our wedding!

Erika photographer

That Garter toss dance (around 16:45 mark)!  OMG!!!  He even warned my Dad beforehand!!!

Garter toss

Our friend Patrick dancing up on Mom’s mom and everyone’s reaction in the pictures!!!!


Ending the most magical night with sparklers and a horse and buggy grand exit.



I mean if you were to ask me, EVERY single moment of our wedding was highlight worthy.



Anniversary Tradition:

Every year we have decided to go back to our venue (The Estate on The Halifax) and recreate one of our favorite pictures our AMAZING photographer Erika Rech with Erika Grace Photography took!

(From left to right…  2016, 2017, 2018 and some added extra favorites from this year :))



To say I am proud of how far we have come together as a couple is as understatement.  We have both busted our butts to be where we are today and have all that we do.  The Kline family is currently in the works of some BIG things for our family and we could not be more excited!  So keep your eyes peeled on my Instastories for some clues to our big plans!

If you want to see the most elegant, beautiful and magical dream come true for an adorable High School sweetheart couple…  Here is the link to our beautiful March 21st, 2016 Wedding 🙂

6 thoughts on “Wedding Highlights and Anniversary Traditions for two High School Sweethearts!

    • Thank you so much! All the credit goes to our Photographer!
      Even though I messed this years photo up by not having us look at each other!!! Still kicking myself in the butt for that! lol


  1. Seems like such a wonderful day. I’m glad you both enjoyed yourself. Your anniversary tradition is very sweet. The last photo (with your daughter in it) was very heartwarming.


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