The “struggle” of starting a family young… Guess what, it’s not as bad as you think!

Having met my now husband in High School, you can believe me when I say I have heard it all when it comes to whether or no you will “make it” as a couple.

  • It’s just high school fling, you know it won’t last
  • Do you really want to be tied down so young
  • I bet you wish you would have never met him, you could have enjoyed College

Yes, our relationship was tested on several occasions but each one made us that much stronger and allowed us to grow and understand one another as a couple.  It was not just a fling, we were very much in love and content with where we were and where our relationship was going.  I would NEVER change a single thing about that day we met on the Deltona High School Track.


Fast forward to almost 9 years later; now HAPPILY married, homeowners, have a 10 month old daughter and excited to grow our family in the years to come.  My greatest “struggle” is dealing with the comments people may approach you with in the grocery line, out shopping or even some from your friends.

So to you, what I really want to say as a young mom:

  • YES, I am old enough to be married
    • I was 23 when I got married in 2016


  • YES, we waited until after the wedding to try for a baby, we just got lucky and it happened VERY quick!
    • Chick Fil A employee seriously asked if we waited!
  • YES, she was VERY planned
    • One of the first questions the nurse at my OB’s office asked, seriously!!!
  • Up until a few years ago, if I ever answered the door I still got the “Can I speak to the man or woman of the household”…  Um you’re looking at her buddy!
  • NO, we did not want to experience being Married first because truthfully it felt like we had been married the last 4 years we lived together in our house!
    • Prior to that we lived with my parents…  Since 2009!
  • YES, we want to travel the world, with our CHILDREN whom we are very excited about having!
    • We took an AMAZING honeymoon trip to Rome and Athens knowing we wouldn’t be traveling for a while…  So thank you for your concern haha


So to say starting a family so young is a “struggle” would almost be unfair because it automatically discounts us as being able to handle things.  Considering my generation, we are already put into a category of “entitled”, “selfish” and “unmotivated” people.  We bust our butts on a daily basis to ensure we are financially stable and our daughter cared for in the best way possible.  Not only that, at the age of 18 we each started saving money and putting away into our 401K.    It is what you make it and with a strong relationship and dedication, it is completely POSSIBLE to be young, have a family and be successful.

I know we are not the only couple successfully moving up in the world at such a young age.  So to us…  Way to freaking go, way to kick the stereotypical misconception that we are “lazy” or my favorite ” expect everything to be handed to you” comments!!! We are far from “struggling”

Confessions of a working Mom

I am a full time 9-5 Compounding Pharmacy Tehcnician (pretty much like Breaking Bad status) who works about 45 minutes away from home…  So my 8-hour shift turns into about a 10 hour one with my drive every day!  When I found out I was pregnant with Abigail, I always said I could not wait to be that working mom and wife who was able to take care of her family by providing financially while at work and emotionally while at home.  Well, I was DEAD wrong!

I never dreamed of wanting to be that stay at home mom, but now I want nothing more!  So I decided to write some confessions I may have as a working mom, not just for me but for friends and family considering some of these affect them and decisions I make!


  1. GUILT- Ya’ll this is something that I struggle far too much with when it comes to trying to have a social life!  I am SUPER lucky enough to have some amazing friends who always incorporate Abigail into plans as much as possible!  However, odds are if it is something or somewhere Abigail shouldn’t go…  Momma won’t be goin!  I know this sounds real bad and they say “momma needs a break” but Abigail is my break!  Since I don’t get to spend very much time with her during the day, I have no intentions on handing her off as soon as I get home or not spending the entire weekend with her (sorry, not sorry!).


  1. I deep down want to be a stay at home Mom- Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I love what I do but I long for the day that I get to work from home and not miss a single thing my baby girl (and future babies) is doing, learning and exploring.


  1. I miss those late night nursing sessions and secretly always looked forward to them- I know there is no mom who ever said they enjoyed the newborn stage of no sleep, however I do miss those late night nursing sessions.  Since I decided to go back to work after only a month (NEVER again), I was no longer able to nurse her on demand and had to pump most of my milk.  So waking up to nurse was our bonding time we got together.



  1. Weekends are for family time (We work hard so we can play harder)- Since my husband and I both work 9-5 Monday- Friday jobs; we do our best to reserve the weekends for family time to cram in every single activity we missed during the week into TWO days! That includes trips to the park, Disney, the Zoo, picnics and the beach.



  1. I don’t share well- When I come home from a long day of work, the LAST thing I want to do is share my Abigail hugs (don’t worry I share well with my husband) …  So if you come over on a week day to visit, don’t expect much Abigail time!

 Daddy daughter

  1. I don’t go to the gym and I don’t feel bad about it- This one goes back to my not wanting to hand her off as soon as I get home guilt. I LOVE running and being outside so I found three ways to exercise while being able to incorporate Abigail; running, bike riding and roller blading.

7.  Pumping is not easy- I have been exclusively pumping for about 7 months now and it has been a journey to say the least.  Being that I work in a lab (with no windows), I used to pump when I first got to work and before I left.  I then realized it was probably easier to pump on my way to and from work considering I have a 45 minute drive.  So if you ever see a pumping mom driving, give her a thumbs up because it take work and dedication to maintain your supply and sanity.



If there is one thing I have learned about being a Mom, it is that your child does NOT need a perfect mom, they just need a happy one!  And that is exactly what we are in the Kline household, one incredibly HAPPY family, together.