Confessions of a working Mom

I am a full time 9-5 Compounding Pharmacy Tehcnician (pretty much like Breaking Bad status) who works about 45 minutes away from home…  So my 8-hour shift turns into about a 10 hour one with my drive every day!  When I found out I was pregnant with Abigail, I always said I could not wait to be that working mom and wife who was able to take care of her family by providing financially while at work and emotionally while at home.  Well, I was DEAD wrong!

I never dreamed of wanting to be that stay at home mom, but now I want nothing more!  So I decided to write some confessions I may have as a working mom, not just for me but for friends and family considering some of these affect them and decisions I make!


  1. GUILT- Ya’ll this is something that I struggle far too much with when it comes to trying to have a social life!  I am SUPER lucky enough to have some amazing friends who always incorporate Abigail into plans as much as possible!  However, odds are if it is something or somewhere Abigail shouldn’t go…  Momma won’t be goin!  I know this sounds real bad and they say “momma needs a break” but Abigail is my break!  Since I don’t get to spend very much time with her during the day, I have no intentions on handing her off as soon as I get home or not spending the entire weekend with her (sorry, not sorry!).


  1. I deep down want to be a stay at home Mom- Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I love what I do but I long for the day that I get to work from home and not miss a single thing my baby girl (and future babies) is doing, learning and exploring.


  1. I miss those late night nursing sessions and secretly always looked forward to them- I know there is no mom who ever said they enjoyed the newborn stage of no sleep, however I do miss those late night nursing sessions.  Since I decided to go back to work after only a month (NEVER again), I was no longer able to nurse her on demand and had to pump most of my milk.  So waking up to nurse was our bonding time we got together.



  1. Weekends are for family time (We work hard so we can play harder)- Since my husband and I both work 9-5 Monday- Friday jobs; we do our best to reserve the weekends for family time to cram in every single activity we missed during the week into TWO days! That includes trips to the park, Disney, the Zoo, picnics and the beach.



  1. I don’t share well- When I come home from a long day of work, the LAST thing I want to do is share my Abigail hugs (don’t worry I share well with my husband) …  So if you come over on a week day to visit, don’t expect much Abigail time!

 Daddy daughter

  1. I don’t go to the gym and I don’t feel bad about it- This one goes back to my not wanting to hand her off as soon as I get home guilt. I LOVE running and being outside so I found three ways to exercise while being able to incorporate Abigail; running, bike riding and roller blading.

7.  Pumping is not easy- I have been exclusively pumping for about 7 months now and it has been a journey to say the least.  Being that I work in a lab (with no windows), I used to pump when I first got to work and before I left.  I then realized it was probably easier to pump on my way to and from work considering I have a 45 minute drive.  So if you ever see a pumping mom driving, give her a thumbs up because it take work and dedication to maintain your supply and sanity.



If there is one thing I have learned about being a Mom, it is that your child does NOT need a perfect mom, they just need a happy one!  And that is exactly what we are in the Kline household, one incredibly HAPPY family, together.


The Mom behind Klineandtell

For those of you who don’t know me…  My name is Tiffany Kline; I am married to my high school sweet heart and together we have a four legged child named Savannah and a beautiful baby girl, Abigail Remi.  I am a full time mom, employee, wife and part time student currently 2 classes away from completing her Bachelor’s of Business degree from Daytona State College.  When I got out of High school my intentions were to go into Pharmacy School to become a Pharmacist…  Thankfully, I was offered a position at Publix when I was 19 years old being a Technician and that opened my eyes to how much I would hate Pharmacy school and working retail.  My now husband and I moved into our first home together at 20 years old, doing so made me realize how excited I was about Marriage and starting a family.

November 21st, 2014 he proposed to me in the most romantic and magical way(literally).  He got down on one knee in the middle of dinner at Cinderella’s Castle, with the most beautiful background overlooking the back part of the park (full story another day, another blog!).



March 21st, 2016 (noticing a pattern with 21…  I’ll explain that in a future blog as well!)

I finally got to marry my best friend at The Estate on the Halifax in front of all our friends and family.  With our Disney proposal, I (accidently) managed to incorporate way more Disney into our Wedding than I ever imagined. *Disney Belle dress AND veil and Snow White Cottage at venue*


May 11th, 2016

After keeping the hardest secret for 24 hours, I finally got to tell my husband we were PREGNANT with our first child!  Side note: To this day he still said “you lied to me” since I kept it a secret to surprise him lol


January 11th, 2017

After no pain meds and only 2 hours of hard labor, this momma pushed out her beautiful 7lb 6oz baby girl, Abigail Remi Kline at 7:28 PM (I promise I will have her FULL birth story up on the blog soon).


So here we are today, a happy family of four, Savannah included, with two full time working parents, one currently in school (me) and the other starting back next year (Joe).  After a recent assignment requiring me to create a Tumblr account and write a few blogs… I found that I truly enjoy the whole aspect of it.  Taking pictures, sharing stories, recipes, products and writing about my life. I feel like I have so much to tell and I am excited for you guys to follow along with us on this crazy journey of parenthood!


Xoxo, Tiffany Kline