The mom behind Klineandtell

Mommy Blogger: Tiffany Kline

  • Happily Married to my HighSchool sweetheart, whom I met in 2009 on the Deltona High School Track (He can still tell me what I was wearing the FIRST day he saw me!)
  • Our first child was Savannah…  Our four legged Golden Retriever
  • Got Married at The Estate on the Halifax 03-21-2016
  • Homeowners at 24 years old
  • January 11th, 2017- The day we welcomed Abigail Remi Kline into this world…  The reason I wanted to start this whole blogging adventure
  • College graduate as of August 2017
  • Beyond excited to talk everything mommy, baby and life related as a full time working mom and wife