So you’re getting ready for those Holiday family photos… Tips and tricks for getting the perfect pictures.

It’s that time of the year y’all where everyone is going to be doing family photos for those lovely Christmas Cards we all get, set on the mantle for a month and then chuck! ¬†Well, last month we had a couple sessions with the incredibly talented Erika Rech of Erika Grace Photography, so we could update our family portraits! ¬†The first shoot was a family session with my side of the family and Abigail and the second one was just our little family. ¬†I can not begin to tell you how much these photos mean to me, being the only child and grandchild to Kakky all I ever wanted to do was bring them joy, and we did just that with Abigail. ¬†They are absolutely adorable and perfectly capture the love Abigail has for each of them.




While these shots are perfect (and totally melt my heart)… behind the scenes it took a lot of puffs, bubbles, ABC’s and running around to get her to cooperate as well as she did.

Below are some tips and tricks to surviving your next family session with an infant!

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  1. Bring your main outfit for baby and your family but always have a back up just incase she gets dirty, spits up (gets it on you) or you get dirty.
  2. Have snacks on hand incase your little one gets hangry, but you can also use them as a good motivator to crawl!


3. Bring their favorite noise making toy, this will help get their attention in the way of the camera.  Or if you are lucky enough to have Erika as your photographer, she is witty enough to use the reflector to catch her attention!


4. Coordinate your outfits!!!!  I can not stress this enough nor can Erika (who by the way is fantastic at sending you inspirational outfits/ color combos before hand).  There is nothing worse than having a family photo with everyone wearing a rainbow of colors.   We chose to go with everyone wearing a shade of white with jeans and Abigail being the only one in color.

**Janie and Jack just released a limited edition holiday collection for coordinating family outfits I HIGHLY recommend**!



5. ¬†Try to plan the session around your little one’s nap time! ¬†Here in Florida we not only plan around nap time but storms as well! ¬†August and September are arguably the most unpredictable when it comes to weather (also Hurricane season… ¬†joy) so we have found it best to avoid evening shoots (unless you really want golden hour shots, which is what we did) and mid day. ¬†Morning always seem to be a safe bet unless the rain is set in all day.

6. ¬†Speaking of weather… Girls, bring extra make up to allow for touch ups and blot often to avoid sweat! ¬†Erika is great with spotting when someone is in need of a touch up.


7.  One of the BEST tips I can give you when doing family and group pictures is to just GO WITH THE FLOW!!!!!  Hair is going to get pulled, tears will be shed by the little one (and maybe you at one point HAHA) and dogs may not cooperate but there is plenty of fun to be had, I PROMISE!


Pretty much all you can do is expect the worst and pray for the best… ¬†but when you have someone as talented, patient and witty as Erika with Erika Grace Photography, you can GUARANTEE you’ll only get the best!

Enjoy some of our favorites ūüôā


Literally can’t get enough of of these two!!



Even when we are trying to take family photos she’s all about Dada!



Daddy’s little girl… ¬†She is already wrapped around his finger and I can’t get enough of them!¬©erikagracephoto_KlineDavisfamilysession(135of221)¬©erikagracephoto_KlineDavisfamilysession(145of221)


Mommy has SO much love for this little booger!




Abigail Remi Kline



9 thoughts on “So you’re getting ready for those Holiday family photos… Tips and tricks for getting the perfect pictures.

    • She really is fantastic! I am lucky enough to have known her since the Third grade and she has been a family friend since!
      She has shot everything from our engagement to our baby girls soon to be first birthday!


  1. Coordinating outfits seems cheesy but you are so right! I find that shopping at the same mall store (Gap or whatever) for each member of the family works well to get the same palette without being matchy-matchy. Great photos, btw!

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