Faith, trust and pixie dust:  Abigail’s FIRST Halloween

Well, like most first time mom’s any “first” is celebrated with the “go big or go home” moto!  And thanks to my husband, we accomplished just that.  Months before Halloween I took to Pinterest for some family costume ideas (probably my first mistake lol) and kept seeing pirate ships every time I typed in “Peter Pan family” …  So a pirate ship is what was made!


Joe literally earned Dad of the year award with this one, not just for making it but for every single detail he added to make it that much cooler than the ones we found on Pinterest (sorry if any of you moms posted your ships on there).  His exact words “only the best for my little girl”!


Everything from the anchor

Tink in boat

The waves


To the cannon that was “exploding”


He put an incredible amount of TIME and EFFORT into our Halloween costumes (he even sewed Savannah a Bonnet so she could be “Nana”, I mean how much sweeter could he get), we were definitely the talk to of the town!

P.s. Don’t let this picture fool you, Savannah loves us and actually did not mind the Bonnet LOL



I honestly could not have imagined a better first Halloween for Abigail, she is blessed enough to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people who are always there for her and experience every milestone alongside her.  They might not all live close by, or have work schedules that allow them to see her as often as they want, but they make time.  And nothing makes this momma more happy than knowing Abigail has such an amazing support system.  She was lucky enough to even have her Aunt Lisa from Charlotte, NC fly down to experience all this with her.



Well, with Halloween 2017 being officially over, I can’t be the only mom who is already putting ideas together for next year’s family costume!  LOL


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